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23 Secret Santa & White Elephant Gift Ideas That Are Awesome

by Ambriel

Looking for thoughtful, funny, and personal secret Santa gifts that won’t break the bank? Finding gifts for your secret Santa is fun with the exciting list below. We’ve rounded up the 23 most creative, memorable, and unique secret Santa gifts that will have them smiling all season. 

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1. Adjustable Wood Desktop Organizer

This desktop organizer is made from natural wood and features two separate pieces that can be adjusted to a variety of sizes so it can be customized for any desk set up. It’s a simple design and natural materials give a zen-like feel, and offers your secret Santa a blank slate to bring their own prized possessions and personal flair to their desk.  

2. Avocado Tree Starter Kit 

Give a gift that keeps on giving! The adorable avocado tree starter kit is a great surprise for plant lovers and guacamole aficionados. All it takes is an avocado seed inserted into the pod. The seed floats in the water bath of the attractively designed planter and can be placed on a windowsill or desk.  

3. Travel Coffee Press

Perfect for any coffee or tea lover, this Bodum Travel Tea and Coffee Press is a 15 ounce travel mug and french press in one.  Your secret Santa can brew coffee on the go by simply adding coffee grinds and water then enjoying it from the same mug in just minutes. THE BPA-free plastic and sturdy design make it a durable and unique travel mug that can be used for a daily coffee fix. 

4. Herb Saver

This Herb Saver is the ideal gift for the cook on your list! The Prepara Herb Savor triples the life of fresh herbs by preserving them in a BPA-free plastic container. Simply rinse and pat dry herbs, then place them in the pod with fresh water to keep herbs fresh for up to three weeks.  Make the gift even more thoughtful by including some fresh herbs! $29.99

4. Chinese Elm Bonsai 

Give a unique gift that is simple, rewarding, and will last a lifetime. This distinct Chinese Elm bonsai comes in an 8-inch container, ready to be featured on a desk or coffee table. The Chinese Elm is considered one of the easiest bonsai trees to care for, making it a great gift even for plant lovers who don’t have a green thumb. $28.60

5. Water Bottle Tote 

Carry water by day and wine by night in this colorful neoprene bottle tote. Whether going for a hike or bringing a host gift to a holiday party, the stretchy neoprene material protects bottles from breaking. Even better, it’s easy to wash in the washing machine, meaning it can be taken on picnics or to parties again and again.  $8.99

6. Portable Phone Charger 

Perfect for folks who are always on the go, this portable charger battery pack is slim and attractive. It packs a lot of power, charging most phones fully in under two hours. The slim, 4-inch long charger can easily fit into any backpack or purse and be used for two full charges at a time. The charger comes with a Micro USB cable and a 24 month warranty. 

7. Wine Infused Coffee

A present for day or night, wine-infused coffee will wow your secret Santa! It is the perfect end to a great meal, a fusion between a comforting cup of coffee and a delectable glass of wine. The 100% Arabica beans are aged in oak barrels and infused with wine for a bright, flavorful cup of coffee that is as charming as it is delicious. 

8. MiniPresso Espresso Maker

For the secret Santa who always needs a java fix, this compact and lightweight portable espresso machine comes ready to make an incredible cup of coffee. It includes a built-in espresso cup and scoop, and the innovative design lets you grind your own coffee and make the perfect shot of espresso without a bulky machine. The clever design of the featherweight espresso machine means the perfect cup of coffee can be made at work, or even on the train or in the car.

9. Portable Cardboard Radio and Speaker

A clever little device that is a throwback to being a kid, this portable FM radio and speaker is made almost entirely from cardboard. It’s lightweight and easy to throw in a beach bag or purse, making it perfect for festivals, the park, or even a daily commute. Just plug in any phone for music on the go! 

10. Travel Humidifier Stick

For the frequent flyer in your life, this travel humidifier stick is a perfect gift. The portable USB-powered humidifier can be plugged into any USB power source and filled with water to alleviate dryness and increase the humidity of hotel rooms and offices.  It’s small enough to fit into a suit pocket, purse, or carry-on luggage and can be used on the go or at home. $24.95

11. Galileo Globe Thermometer

The perfect gift for science and weather lovers, this Galileo Globe Thermometer features colorful glass bulbs in different weights that rise or sink as the temperature of the room rises and falls. It’s a thoughtful and attractive gift, and when the recipient needs to know if they should grab a coat before heading out of the office, they can just glance at their desk and see the temperature. 

12. Did You Feed the Dog? Reminder

Got a forgetful secret Santa on your list? The clever and tongue-in-cheek Feed The Dog reminder is a simple device to help busy families and on-the-go business folks to keep track of when their dog has been fed (or any other task that needs to be done every day). The small device can be mounted anywhere, and simple toggle switches are flipped when the task is completed. 

13. Rose Gold Wireless Earphones

Audiophiles will love these sleek, stylish wireless headphones. The rose gold design adds a touch of flair to an otherwise boring product, and the stereo earbuds are can be used for phone calls or music. They boast a clear sound with noise cancellation, as well as hands-free volume adjustment. $27.99

14. Thermo Pot

No more room temperature work lunches with this Black + Blum Thermo Pot. The stainless steel thermos features a magnetically attached spoon and a natural cork lid. The thermos can keep food hot up to six hours and cold up to 8 hours, making it an easy way to pack lunch in style. It’s perfect for folks who are on the road or don’t have access to a microwave or kitchen during lunch. 

15. Camera Macro Lens

This macro camera lens is ideal for the smartphone photographer on your Christmas list. The clip-on lense can be used to take professional quality close-up images and add 25% width and height to images. The lens is universal, fitting nearly every phone lens, including front and back cameras.

16. Wooden Noise Isolating Headphones

These beautiful headphones are a great gift for anyone who loves woodworking. Made from genuine wood, they are designed to reduce ambient noise and promise an exceptional audio experience. Each pair comes with three sizes of silicone ear tips (small, medium, and large) to ensure a perfect fit.  The headphones also include a built-in microphone for hands-free cell phone use, and are compatible with all smartphones. 

17. Wooden Rope Back Massager

Know someone who always needs a little self-care? This beautiful wooden rope back massager is an ingeniously simple device that banishes knots, trigger points, and sore backs. Two rolls of wooden rollers and two handles make it easy to massage hard-to-reach but sore places. 

18. Titanium Multi-Tool Key

A clever and ingenious device, this brushed titanium multi-tool key is perfect for the handyman who is always there to open a bottle.  The strong, lightweight design is a deceptively simple 18-in-1 tool that can be attached to any keychain and be used as a bottle opener, hex wrench, letter opener, box opener, and more. 

19. Pocket Blanket 

This portable and lightweight blanket is simple itself: it packs into a small 6 inch by 8 inch pouch and can be thrown into a purse or beach bag, then unfurled and used as a beach towel, yoga mat, or picnic blanket.  It’s designed to dry quickly and withstand the wear and tear of kids, dogs, and more.  It sand pockets on each corner that can be filled with sand or rocks to keep it from blowing away. 

20. 5 in 1 Tool Pen

Small but mighty, this clever gadget is a great stocking stuffer. It features a screwdriver, touch stylus, bubble level, ruler, and pen with a clip. It’s the perfect addition to any desk, briefcase, or purse and will make the recipient a hero every time someone asks “does anyone have a…?”

21. Stackable Lunch Pot

This lunch-on-the-go stackable lunch pot is a thoughtful gift for the eco-friendly foodies on your list. It is a simple, versatile lunch box that features airtight containers that stack together, keeping fresh food and portable. Two food containers stack vertically and nestle with an included “spork.” They’re microwave and dishwasher safe for convenience and come with a carrying strap for lugging lunch to and from the office. 

22. Super Magnetic Putty

Looking for a really one-of-a-kind gift? This super magnetic putty is made out of micron-sized iron particles, turning the classic kid’s toy into a powerful magnet! It’s perfect for science-loving adults who want something fun to play with on their coffee break. 

23. Solid Cologne

An ingenious stocking stuffer for the men on your secret Santa list, this solid cologne is perfect for travelers and can be thrown in gym bags, desk drawers, or briefcases. The solid cologne comes in three scents – Air, Sea, and Land and is a foolproof way to spruce up on the go. The 1.5-ounce tin is made from natural, organic ingredients and infused with essential oils in fresh, simple scents. 

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