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Best Nurse Grad Gift Ideas : 12 Useful Gifts For Life After Nursing School

by Ambriel

13 Nursing school graduation gift ideas for the new nurse in your life

Clinical practice. Stressful exams. Long study hours. All-Nighters. 

Nursing is a great career. It’s extremely rewarding and fulfilling. 

 Nursing school has a reputation for being cut-throat and challenging. 

Nursing students deal with long years of stress to reach their goal of becoming a registered nurse. 

And once a nursing student reaches the point of becoming a nursing graduate, it’s time to celebrate and start looking for some nurse grad gift ideas. 

If you’re close to a new nursing school graduate, give them a gift that’ll show how much you love and appreciate them for all of the hard work that they’ve put in over the years. Give them something they would never expect!

Listed below are  12  superb grad gift ideas for nurses that your new nurse will be surprised to receive.

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What are some good nursing grad gift ideas?

Graduating from nursing school is a huge accomplishment.

But it’s only the beginning, and your nursing graduate will need encouragement and support as they start their journey as a new nurse. 

As you start searching for some nursing school graduation gift ideas, look for items that will help them decompress after a 12-hour night shift, relieve stress and tension, and make life somewhat easier since they have a stressful job.

Check out the ideas below to get started on your search!

Nurse grad gift ideas


Compression Socks



Compression socks are designed to benefit blood circulation, protect joints, and prevent painful swelling.

Nurses that wear compression socks during their long 12 hour shifts are less likely to develop swelling in their legs.

Nurse graduates will greatly appreciate a pack of durable compression socks to get them through their long work shifts. 



Yeti Rambler



To stay hydrated throughout their long shifts, nurses prefer to use an insulated tumbler/rambler to keep their water cold or coffee warm.

Nurses can pour their favorite beverage into this 30 oz Yeti and bring it with them to work.



Heartbeat Necklace



A beautiful piece of jewelry will always make a fantastic gift.

This heartbeat EKG rhythm necklace will make a sentimental gift to give your new nurse grad.

Plus, this necklace is made from high-quality stainless steel that will not rust or erode.

Give your nursing graduate this long-lasting, personal heartbeat necklace that will warm their hearts, as well as yours.



Nurse Badge Reel



This adorable badge reel will make the most marvelous nurse accessory. It’s noticeable and your nursing school graduate will receive tons of compliments on it.


Relaxing nursing grad gift ideas


Memory Foam Slippers



Studies have shown that nurses walk an average of 4-5 miles during a 12-hour shift.

After spending so much time on their feet, your new nurse grad will want to come home and give their feet a rest.

A pair of warm slippers will pamper your hard-working nurse graduate after a long shift at the hospital.

The ultra-soft plush lining and memory foam insole will make your new nurse feel like she’s walking on a cloud.



Neck and Back Massager



Your nurse grad can get a soothing neck and back massage with this massage pillow.

This massager is designed to deep massage spots in your upper and lower back, neck, and shoulders.

Saving lives is rewarding but it’s stressful, and your nursing grad will enjoy this relaxing massager.



Essential Oil Diffuser



Aromatherapy is the new craze to help relieve stress, improve mood, and lessen anxiety.

Give your new nurse grad the chance to unwind after a long stressful day or night with this essential oil diffuser.

Don’t forget to buy the essential oils to go along with the diffuser.



Fitbit Vera 2 Smartwatch



We already know that nurses get more than their daily recommended amount of steps. Studies indicate that nurses take close to 8,000 steps in one 12 hour shift.

With a fitness watch like this Fitbit Versa 2, your nurse will know exactly how many steps they’ve taken during the day.

The Fitbit Vera 2 tracks calories burned, hourly activity, heart rate, and so much more! And when connected to an Android or iPhone, It will even display text messages and calls to keep your nurse informed and connected.



Sugar Body Scrub



Sugar scrubs are the best for moisturizing and exfoliating skin. They are seriously the holy grail for smooth skin.

Pamper and spoil your nurse grad with this organic, paraben-free Tree Hut body scrub.



Working Hands Hand Cream



Nurses come in contact with hundreds of germs every day from taking care of sick patients. Because of this, nurses are constantly washing their hands, multiple times a day.

That’s why this O’Keffe’s Working Hands Hand Cream is such a useful gift for your new grad nurse.

This is an unscented cream that heals and repairs extremely dry hands.

This concentrated hand cream creates a protective layer on the surface of your hands to increase moisture and keep your hands nice and moisturized.



Foot Massager



Walking up and down the halls of a hospital for 12 hours can cause serious foot pain and discomfort.

Every nurse deserves a good foot massage after work, and they can get just that with this foot massager.

This foot massager is designed to ease foot muscle tension and pain, and it also has a heating function.



Dead Sea Mud Mask



Stress causes premature aging and wrinkles. Nursing is one of the most stressful careers to pursue, and your nurse grad will need something to keep their face looking flawless at all times.

This New York Biology Dead Sea Mud Mask is spa-quality without the spa price! This mineral-infused mud mask reduces pores, treats acne and blackheads, and removes excess oil and dead skin cells for soft, radiant skin.

After a long work shift, your nursing school grad can come home and treat themselves to this spa mud mask.


Final thoughts on these nurse graduation gift ideas

So these are just a few possible nursing school graduation gift ideas to give to the new nurse in your life. Gifts are great to receive, but nothing beats support. Make sure you keep in touch with your new grad nurse as they start their career journey. If you have any gift suggestions that you would like for me to add, comment below.

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