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How the Average Broke Person Can Make Extra Money FAST

by Ambriel

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“Your total is $125.79.”

I was at Wal-Mart on a rainy Wednesday night after work, and the cashier had just scanned and bagged my groceries. 

Payday had already passed the week before, and I had $100 to get me through another week. 

With sweaty palms, I cautiously slid my card in the debit card reader. 

I held my breath. 


The debit card machine made an ear-piercing alarm sound. 

My card had been declined. 

Flustered with embarrassment, I told the cashier to remove a few items from my transaction to bring the total amount down. 

Luckily, my debit card was approved this go-round. 

I cried when I got to my car. 

I will never forget that day. 

It was on that day when I became fed up with struggling, fed up with being stressed, fed up with living paycheck to paycheck. 

My part-time job in retail was no longer enough.

I had to find a way to make extra money. 

If you’re here because you’ve reached your breaking point and need to find ways to make extra money fast, keep reading for 10 easy solutions. 

You’ll thank yourself in the end.

Get Paid To Take Surveys

You can make an extra  $200 a month completing surveys.

But, to reach this number you need to do two things:

  • Sign up for survey sites that are legitimate
  • Sign up for more than one survey site

There are tons of shady survey sites that’ll sell your information and waste your time. Plus, they will fill your inbox with spam emails.

To be on the safe side, create a brand new email and use it strictly for signing up on survey sites.

If you haven’t started your survey side hustle, get started with the sites listed below.

1 – Survey Junkie

Survey Junkie is one of the highest-rated survey sites on the web. Earn money from answering surveys, watching videos, and browsing the web!

The surveys you complete can pay from $3 to $50.

Whenever you complete a survey, you’ll earn points.

Once you’ve accumulated enough points to cash out at the $10 threshold, you can get paid through PayPal or gift cards.

Signing up for Survey Junkie is completely free, and you’ll earn 50 points just for signing up and confirming your email.

Click here to sign up for Survey Junkie.

Make $200 fast by Selling  your stuff online 

One man’s trash is another man’s treasure. 

Old handbags, shoes, and clothes could make you a good amount of cash when you sell them online. Declutter your home, and make money selling some of your belongings on websites like Decluttr, Letgo, and Poshmark. 

Make $200 fast by selling your old electronics on Gazelle

When a new iPhone comes out every year, don’t let your old one sit in a drawer and collect dust. 

Sell your old electronics like phones, tablets, and laptops on Gazelle. 

People that have sold their electronics on Gazelle say that the process is quick, easy, and rewarding! 

Earn $200 fast with cashback refunds

Believe it or not, there are some major retailers that owe you money and Paribus will help you get that money that you’re owed.

Paribus is an app that will sync with your email account to scan for receipts of your most recent online purchases.

If Paribus detects that the price of an item that you’ve recently purchased has decreased, they will send you a refund.

There’s nothing to lose and everything to gain when you sign up and link your email to Paribus.

Click here to sign up for Paribus to get your refund.

Rent out your car to make $200 fast

Do you have a second car that just sits in the driveway all day? Does your car sit in a parking lot all day while you’re at work?

Renting your car out for an hourly rate with Getaround can be a lucrative way to make extra money.

Getaround is a car rental program that allows car owners to rent out their cars for cash. Hourly rental rates start from $5 and up. Getaround will give you 60% of the rental income, while they keep 40%.

Getaround will cover any damages or accidents that occur while your car is in the renter’s possession.

At the moment, Getaround is only available in select cities. Check here to see if your area qualifies.

Click here to sign up for Getaround.

Make $200 fast Test Websites

If a website isn’t working properly it will keep visitors from returning to the site.

Websites need to be tested to make sure they are working properly, and you can get paid to test them at UserTesting.

Each test takes 20 minutes to complete and you can make up to $10-$15 for each site you test. To qualify as a tester, you’ll need a computer, internet connection, and microphone.

You’ll be required to speak into the microphone and give your opinion on how the website can be improved. Once you’ve submitted the test, it will be approved and you’ll get paid. Payments are issued through PayPal.

If you already own the equipment needed to test websites, then head over to UserTesting and sign up.

Become a brand ambassador

Do you have a large number of followers on Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook? There are companies that are willing to pay people to promote their products on their personal social media profiles. Most companies charge a fixed rate per post, so start using your social media for more than just selfies.

Become an Amazon Affiliate

If you sign up to become an Amazon Affiliate, you can make money promoting amazon products. Once you become an affiliate, you can create a tracking link for almost any product on Amazon, and earn a small commission for each qualifying purchase. 

I hope this list helps you out! Now start making some money.

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