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13 Habits of People Who Have an Extremely Low Energy Bill

by Ambriel

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Imagine how easier your life would be if you could slice the amount of your energy bill in half. You would probably save a ton of money, right?

Some people have done this just by making a few changes to their home and daily habits. Want to know what their habits are?

Check out this list of habits of people who have an extremely low energy bill. Start applying these habits to your home and watch your energy bill drop!

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1. They Regularly Check for Air Leaks

Small drifts of air that seep through the cracks of badly sealed doors, windows, and appliances can leave a big hole in your pocketbook.

Air leaks will let the outside air into your home, which will make your heating and cooling system work harder than it needs to.

To find air leaks, check for any gaps and cracks around the air ducts, doors, windows, vents, fans, electrical outlets, switch plates, and fridge.

Fill cracks with caulk and place weather strips on your doors and windows to seal air leaks.


2. They Replace Their Air Filter Every 3 Months

Your HVAC system will run more efficiently when you replace your air filters at least every 3 months.

Plus, replacing your air filters will keep the air that’s circulating inside your home fresh and free of pollutants.

The Departement of Energy conducted a study that shows your HVAC systems energy consumption can reduce by 15% when you change your air filters regularly.


3. They Use Smart Power Strips

When plugged into the wall outlets, your computer, TV, printer, gaming consoles, and other appliances are still using energy when you turn them off.

A smart power strip can detect when your appliances are turned off or not in use and shut off the power going to these devices.

By cutting off the power, your energy usage goes down which results in a lower energy bill.


4. They Adjust the Fridge and Freezer Temperature

Most people don’t think to change the temperature settings on their fridge or freezer, but a small adjustment can make a huge impact.

Set the fridge temp between 36 to 38°f and the freezer between 0 to 5°f to keep your food cold without using a lot of energy.


5. They Adjust the Water Heater Temperature

According to The Department of Energy, water heating is one of the largest energy expenses in homes and it accounts for almost 18% of your energy bill.

Lowering the temperature on your water heater by 10 degrees can help you save anywhere from 3% to 5% on your bill.

Just don’t set the temp too low! The water needs to be hot enough to kill bacteria when you run a cycle of dishes in the dishwasher.

Find the right temperature that works for you and saves money on your energy bill.


6. They Use Programmable Thermostats

Manual thermostats cut on and off all day, even when no is at home, resulting in wasted energy and a higher bill.

Programmable thermostats give you the option to set temp schedules for when you want your heating and cooling system to turn on and off.

You can set a programmable thermostat to turn off during the hours everyone is at work or school, leading to less energy usage and a lower energy bill.


7. They Wash Clothes in Cold Water

Washing clothes in hot water uses a large amount of energy in two ways: to heat the water and to make the washing machine motor spin.

Washing clothes in cold water only uses energy to make the washing machine motor spin, making it the best option to save money on your energy bill.


8. They Make Sure Their Appliances are Working Properly

When was the last time you checked to see if any of the appliances in your home are working properly and set to the most energy-efficient setting?

Malfunctioning appliances will drain energy and it will show on your power bill.


9. They Use Dimmer Switches

Dimmer switches give you the right amount of light you need without using too much energy.


10. They Use LED Light Bulbs

LED light bulbs use 50% less electricity than regular light bulbs, and they last longer.


11. They Use Water Efficient Shower Heads

Low-flow showerheads give off just enough water to wash your hair and body without using too much water.

The less water you use to shower, the less water that needs to heat, which equals using less energy.


12. They Conduct Energy Audits

Call and ask your energy company to perform an energy audit to identify ways you can reduce the amount of energy you use.

You can also perform an energy audit on your own by using an online audit tool.


13. They Clean the Dryer Lint Trap

When was the last time you cleaned the dryer lint trap in your dryer? Removing the lint from the trap will improve the efficiency of your dryer and use less energy.


There are a multitude of ways you can lower your energy bill. Using energy-efficient appliances and being cautious of how much energy you use can help you lower your energy bill tremendously. Share your tips in the comment section.






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