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How To Lose 10 Pounds In A Month – 6 Tips You Need To See

by Ambriel


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Losing 10 pounds in a month sounds like a dream, right?

Make it a reality by using these tips to lose 10 pounds in a month.

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1. Have the Right Mindset

Before you start losing weight, you have to get into the right mindset.

You need to be fully committed to the weight loss process.

You have to lose your bad habits and commit to exercising and eating healthy every day.


2. Start Meal Prepping

When you plan and cook your meals at home you know exactly what’s in your food and you can control your food portions.

Meal prepping allows you to make healthy meals in batches for the upcoming week.

When you meal prep you don’t have to worry about what you’ll be eating for dinner.

You’ll have a healthy meal waiting for you in the fridge.

Plus, meal prepping makes it easier to track your calories and eat cleaner meals.

Trying to lose weight is stressful enough so make things easier on yourself by meal prepping.

Tips to Start Meal Prepping

Invest in good quality meal prep containers to keep your meals fresh – Some containers are designed to help manage portion control so you never have to worry about eating too much.

Pick a day of the week to prep your meals –  Prepping all of your meals for the week in one day will take a huge task off of your shoulders.

You won’t have to worry about prepping anymore meals for the rest of the week if you prep them all on the same day.

Go grocery shopping on Saturday and spend all day Sunday prepping.

Don’t forget about snacks –  When people think of meal prepping, they only think about prepping the 3 main meals.

Prepping your daily snacks will prevent you from mindlessly snacking on something unhealthy like chips and candy.


3. Eat Clean

Clean eating is the path to follow if you want to lose 10 pounds in a month.

When you replace processed foods that are high in carbs and sugar with leafy greens, vegetables, and lean protein, you’ll feel and look better!

A healthy diet based on frusits and vegetables can ward off serious health conditions such as diabetes, high blood pressure, and heart disease.

Tips to Start Eating Clean

Focus on vegetables and fruits –  Fresh fruits and vegetables are packed with vitamins, fiber, and minerals that your body needs.

Find ways to incorporate fruits and veggies into your daily meals.

Avoid highly processed foods –  HIghly processed foods are loaded with salt, sugar, and fat.

A few examples of highly processed foods are anything that comes packaged and anything that is frozen and “ready-to-eat”. Frozen TV dinners, instant noodles, chips, cookies, etc.

Read nutrition labels – Some packaged foods, like my favorite snack bars, are made with real food and don’t include preservatives.

To avoid eating anything with hidden preservatives, read the nutritional label to identify all of the ingredients in the product.


4. Do HIIT Workouts

Formally known as high-intensity interval training, HIIT workouts will have you burning calories and shedding pounds in no time.

HIIT exercises are extremely intense workouts that make you work as hard as you can for a short amount of time.

The higher the intensity of your HIIT workout, the better.

2 HIIT Workouts You Can Try at Home

15 Minute Full Body HIIT Workout – Pamela Reif

You will feel the burn all over your body with this 15-minute HIIT workout. This workout does not require any equipment, so you can get started with it right now.

30 Minute Fat-Burning HIIT Workout – Sydney Cummings

You can burn 450 calories by completing this 30-minute HIIT workout. The intensity is high, so be prepared to go hard.


5. Drink More Water

Drinking water and staying hydrated is critical to losing weight fast.

Drinking one tall glass of water before eating a meal can fill you up faster. Filling up with water will help you eat less, resulting in lower calorie intake.

Plus, drinking more water can help you lose water weight, which is excess water that your body holds on to.

Avoid drinking sodas and juices that are full of sugar and start making water your go-to drink.

How to Drink More Water

Keep an insulated water bottle with you – Having a water bottle with you will make drinking water every day more convenient. A stainless steel, insulated water bottle will keep your water cold all day long.

Make water the only drink in the house –  Keeping sodas and juices in the fridge will be tempting.

Pour all of the sugary substances in the sink, and keep a pitcher full of water in the refrigerator.

Invest in a water pitcher with a built-in filter to have filtered water all the time.

Turn drinking water into a daily habit – Drink a glass of water when you first wake up[, before every meal, and before you go to bed.


6. Stop Eating After 6 PM

Not eating anything after 6pm and before breakfast the next morning can cut down on your daily calorie intake. And we all know the dangers of late-night snacking.

Make sure you eat a plentiful amount of protein and fiber in your daily meals to keep you full after 6 pm.

If you need to eat something, go right ahead. Don’t starve yourself!


Losing 10 pounds in a month is doable if you meal prep healthy meals, eat clean, whole foods, and work out intensely. Losing weight requires dedication and self-discipline, so prepare to trade in your old lifestyle and adopt a new lifestyle filled with making healthier choices. If you have any weight loss tips, share them in the comments below.




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