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6 Habits of Extremely Clean People

by Ambriel

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I’d be lying if I said that I was the cleanest person in the world.

And, that’s ok, because I do whatever I can to keep my home clean with the energy that I have, and I aspire to be a cleaner person.

When you have a burning desire to become better at something, you look up to the best people and imitate them.

So, today I’m presenting you with some of the best cleaning habits that extremely clean people have adopted and use in their homes all the time.

Want to keep your home in tip-top shape? Check out these cleaning habits from extremely clean people.


1. They Clean Their Cleaning Tools

Believe it or not, your cleaning tools need to be cleaned regularly.

Your broom, vacuum, washing machine, mop, and everything else you use to clean your home with needs to be cleaned on a regular basis or you’ll be spreading more germs.


2. They Know the Difference Between Cleaning and Disinfecting

Cleaning is the removal of debris from surfaces using soap and water.

Disinfecting kills germs by using chemical cleaning agents.

Knowing the difference between these 2 terms will help you clean your home properly with the right cleaners.


3. They Declutter, Then Clean and Organize

You can’t clean a room or space if it’s crowded with clutter.

Completely empty the space you’re working on first and sort everything into 2 piles.

One pile will be for the things you want to keep, and the other pile will be for things you want to get rid of.

Then, clean the area while it’s still empty. Throw away the trash, dust shelves, and wipe down surfaces.

Finally, organize the items you’re keeping.


4. They Give Their Cleaning Products Time To Work

Most commercial cleaning products need to sit and remain wet on a surface for a matter of minutes.

Spraying a surface with cleaner and immediately wiping it away doesn’t give the product enough time to break down stains and kill germs.


5. They Clean From Top To Bottom

If you were to clean a desk before dusting a ceiling fan, the dust from the ceiling fan would fall on the clean desk surface, making it dirty again.

When you clean from top to bottom, you clean the tallest surfaces first and allow the dust from the tall surfaces to settle on the floor.

Once you clean the lower surfaces and the floor, you’re all done.


6. They Control Clutter Before It Gets Out of Hand

Clean people know that it’s easier to keep clutter under control than trying to clean a house that’s already overloaded with clutter.

Declutter your home on a regular basis to keep it clean and clutter-free.


Follow these tips to keep your home clean all the time. Share your cleaning tips in the comment section.

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