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Dollar Tree Desk Organization Hacks for Disorganized Colleagues & Students

by Ambriel

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I don’t know about you but I can’t get any work done when my desk is cluttered. A cluttered desk will have a negative impact on your productivity, and that’s a fact! 

Keeping your desk organized is important and it’s easier than you think. 

If you’re ready to organize your home office, work, or college dorm room, or bedroom desk, take a look at the creative desk organization hacks and ideas listed below to keep your desk neat and organized forever! 

The best part about these desk organization ideas is that you can find everything you need for these hacks at the dollar store. So you’ll be organizing your desk without spending a ton of money. How awesome is that?

DIY Dollar Store Desk Organization Ideas 

Are you ready to dive into a collection of dollar tree desk organization tips? 

These ideas will work for your office desk, your dorm room desk, your home office, your art desk, your cubicle desk, or whatever type of desk you use and want to organize.

How to organize your desk – step by step

1 – Clear everything off your desk

Whenever you’re planning to organize anything, it’s best to start off with a clean slate. Clear everything off your desktop and empty your desk drawers. Take a Lysol wipe and clean the surface of your desktop.

2 – Throw away or shred things you don’t need

After cleaning your desk, take some time to sort through everything that you took off the desk. Keep what’s important and get rid of anything you don’t need anymore. Shred documents that could possibly contain confidential info. 

3 – Start organizing with the dollar tree desk organization ideas listed below

Now the fun part starts! Take a look at the dollar store desk organization ideas below. Click on the embedded pin to be taken to the original source. 

Dollar Store Document Filing Bin

Keep your important files safe and organized inside of a filing bin
Found from Simple Stampin’

Document Filing Bins From Amazon


Cardboard Triangle Organizer

If you’re in the mood for a DIY project, this is for you! 
Found from BuzzFeed


Dollar Store Gold & Acrylic Organizers

Acrylic organizers are so chic! Adding a gold touch to them makes the look expensive. 
Found from Monica Wants It

Acrylic Organizers From Amazon


Office Supply Station

Create this office supply station to confine all of your office supplies to one section of your desk. 
Found from The House of Smiths


Ice Tray Office Supply Organizer

This is truly a dollar tree desk organization hack. I never would’ve thought to use an ice tray like this. Super efficient and easy!
Found from Apartment Therapy


Square Glass Vase Marker Holder

Losing Sharpie markers will be a thing of the past when you implement this desk organization hack. 
Found from this pin on Pinterest


Don’t go another day with your desk looking a mess. Use all of the dollar tree organization ideas listed above for your home office desk, cubicle work desk, dorm room desk, and more!

Want more dollar store organization ideas?

We have some home dollar store organization hacks here. 


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