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7 Small Bathroom Dollar Store Organization Hacks That Will Help You So Much

by Ambriel

When I stayed in a dorm room during college, my bathroom looked like a tornado had ripped it apart. And I still struggle with my keeping my master bathroom organized. I’m not a natural-born organizer so it’s easy to let things pile up.

But, you don’t have to be a natural-born organizer to get organized. Listed below are 7 bathroom organizing tips to give you a helping hand.

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Before you organize, you must declutter

First, you need to dispose of items that you don’t use anymore that are just taking space in your bathroom. Old hairbrushes, broken hair tools, etc. Anything you no longer use or need needs to get thrown away before you can start to organize.

Mount storage baskets to the wall

You can place extra towels or toilet tissue rolls in the mounted wall baskets. Take a few wicker baskets and mount them to the wall. You can use command strips or command hooks to mount them.

Use a cutlery tray to organize the bathroom drawers

A cutlery tray is an ideal tool to use to organize the drawers in your bathroom. It has about 4 compartments for your toothbrush, toothpaste, dental floss, and more dental hygiene products. You can even use a cutlery tray to organize your makeup.

Place command hooks on the inside of your bathroom cabinet doors

Command hooks are so useful when it comes to organizing. Take 2 command hooks and hang your hair styling tools on the inside of your bathroom cabinet doors. You can place command hooks in your shower to keep your bath loofahs in reach.

Place magnetic storage baskets on the inside of your bathroom cabinet doors

Here’s another dollar store organization tip for your bathroom cabinet. Place some magnetic storage baskets on the inside of your bathroom cabinet doors to organize hand soap, body lotion, face washes, and more!

Use plastic containers to organize your toiletries

You can never go wrong with plastic containers. They make it easy to store extra bathroom supplies from bars of soap, extra washcloths, and cosmetic supplies to bathroom cleaning supplies. Plastic containers come in many different shapes and sizes, so find what works best for you and start organizing.

Use a mason jar as a toothbrush holder or makeup organizer

There’s something about mason jars that I just love! Mason jars are the perfect size to use as a toothbrush holder for your toothbrush and toothpaste. You can also use a mason jar as a DIY makeup organizer or your makeup brushes, powder, mascara, and other makeup essentials.

Staying organized isn’t as hard as you think. Plus, having everything in order in your bathroom will make your life so much easier. Do yourself a huge favor and use these hacks in your bathroom today.

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