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7 Places That You’re Forgetting To Deep Clean In Your Home

by Ambriel

Spring is here and in full effect. That means it’s time to give your home a thorough, deep cleaning. Deep cleaning consists of cleaning your home from top to bottom. That means every crack, crevice, and corner in your home will get cleaned. So get ready to bust out the cleaning supplies and use these 7 deep cleaning tips to get started!

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Clean the microwave

Can you imagine life without a microwave? Microwaves are a necessity in every kitchen and they need to be cleaned regularly. Make time to give your microwave a good, deep clean at least once a month.

Clean the stovetop and inside the oven

When food spills over on the stovetop or inside the oven, it burns and becomes a tough mess to clean. Give your stove and oven a serious cleaning session from top to bottom this week. Clean the grates and burners on the stove, and clean the oven racks inside the oven.

Clean out the pantry and fridge

When was the last time you checked your fridge and pantry for expired food? Now is the best time to clean out your pantry and fridge. Check the expiration dates on everything, wipe down the shelves, and start organizing!

Deep clean the carpet

It’s important to vacuum the carpet, but cleaning the carpet is just as important. Carpet fibers can hold on to bacteria, dirt, and grime that won’t go away until you give your carpet a deep clean. Break out your Bissell carpet cleaner and start cleaning your carpet today.

Wash your shower curtain

Shower curtains and shower liners can become a serious breeding place for mold and mildew because of the constant moisture. Take your shower curtain and give it a good wash to keep clean and mold-free. Be sure to check the care label on your shower curtain to determine how to properly clean it.

Clean air vents

If you want to make sure that the air in your home is clean then you need to clean your air vents. Dirty air vents don’t necessarily have an impact on the air quality in your home, but cleaning them out every once in awhile won’t hurt.

Unclog drains

This isn’t really a place to actually deep clean, but I wanted to include it on the list anyway. Clogged drains are a nuisance, and they always happen at the worst times.

The easiest and fastest way to unclog your drains without using chemicals is with a drain snake. Just stick the drain snake down the drain and pull it back up. Just like that, your drains are now unclogged.

A deep clean will make your home sparkle! Start your spring off right by giving your home a deep clean with the cleaning hacks listed above.

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