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6 Small Moves You Need To Make To Have An Organized Bathroom

by Ambriel

Does your bathroom stay cluttered? Is your bathroom currently in a state of chaos that you just can’t seem to get rid of? 

Don’t let your bathroom stay flooded with tons of things you no longer use or need. Listed below are 8 moves you can make today to get your bathroom organized and neat in a matter of minutes. Check them out below. 

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Declutter the countertop

Clutter just breeds on bathroom countertops. The best way to keep any bathroom countertop clean is to keep it free from clutter. Get rid of things you don’t need. Put your toothbrush and toothpaste back in the holder when you’re done with them. Just try to always put things back in their place and keep your countertop as clear as possible. 

Get a bathroom counter organizer

Purchase a countertop organizer to store your skincare products in. An organizer with tiers or shelves will provide you with extra storage space to keep all of your skincare essentials organized and on top of your countertop without making it cluttered. 

Mount spice racks to the bathroom wall

Spice racks are normally used in the kitchen, but you can use them for extra storage space in your bathroom as well. Spice racks are really just small storage baskets and they’re the perfect size to organize all the small items in your bathroom. Mount a couple of spice racks to your bathroom wall with a command hook to create a little bit room for storing things in your bathroom.  

Declutter the bathroom drawers

Drawers are a hot spot for clutter. From bobby pins, hair ties, and hair clips, to makeup brushes, foundation, and powder. You can spend tons of precious time rummaging through your bathroom drawers trying to find one thing. Purchase a set of drawer organizers or an organizing tray to put an end to all of the mess in your drawers. 

Declutter the under sink cabinets

It’s so easy to just any and everything in the cabinet under the bathroom sink. The problem is that after a while, the cabinet becomes so cluttered that you can’t find anything. Installing a tension rod underneath your sink is an insanely easy and simple way to add extra storage space. You can hang things like hair tools or cleaning supplies from the tension rod to keep them neat and organized. 

Get a storage cart for more space

Bathrooms are usually the smallest room in the house. Sometimes the only way you can maximize storage space is to bring in additional storage space. Adding a storage cart to your bathroom can give you more room to store your bathroom necessities without taking up a lot of room in your entire bathroom.  

When your bathroom is organized and neat, it makes you look like a clean person. Take the steps listed above to get your bathroom in order and keep it in order. Tell me what you think about these tips in the comments.


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