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16 Car Hacks That Will Seriously Change Your Life

by Ambriel

We spend a lot of time in our cars. Some of us drive to school. Some of us drive to work. Some of us drive to school and work. Maybe you have kids that sit in the backseat when they’re in the car with you. It doesn’t matter. Our car is like our second home. We drive our cars every day, so why not make it feel like a second home? Wherever you go in your car, you should be comfortable the entire ride. With the help of a few gadgets, you can completely transform your car and make it feel brand new. Listed below are 18 car gadgets that will make your daily commutes more enjoyable and easier. There are gadgets on this list that will make you, “I wish I would have known about this a long time ago!” Believe me when I tell you that these car hacks and gadgets will change your life! Check out the gadgets below!

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1. A Car Trash Bin That Fits Inside A Cup Holder


Do you have a trash can in your car? If not, you need this mini trash bin to have a designated place to put trash while you’re in your car. Stop stuffing your receipts in your purse and get this cup holder mini trash can to go in your car! This mini trash bin is the key to keeping your car clean and free of trash. It’s so small it will fit inside of the cup holders in your car.

2. A Trash Can For The Backseat of Your Car


Do your kids have a place to throw their snack wrappers and empty bottles away when they’re sitting in the backseat? If not, then you need to get this car trash bin to go in your backseat. Having this trash can in the backseat of your car will make it super easy for your kids to throw their trash instead of throwing it on the floor and making a mess. It fits around the console of your car and sits directly in the middle of the backseat area. The car trash can is useful for keeping your clean, neat, and organized.

3. Portable Snack Holder That Fits Inside A Cup Holder


Do your kids like to eat snacks when they’re in the car? If so, you really have to get this car snack holder to keep your kids from spilling their snacks all over the car. This portable snack holder is great for toting their favorite snacks in the car cup holder or car seat cup holder. Plus, it comes with an interlocking lid to prevent spills.

4. A Sauce Holder to Hold Dipping Sauces While You Eat In The Car


Who keeps an extra stash of Chick-fil-a sauce in their car? I know I can’t be the only one! For chicken nugget lovers that just can’t wait to eat until they get home, this next car gadget is for you. The Saucemoto is a condiment holder that will hold your sauce while you eat in the car. This thing is GENIUS, it will prevent you from spilling your dipping sauces in your car.

5. Retractable Car Charger


Do you regularly forget to charge your phone before you leave the house? I always forget to charge my phone before I leave this house. Which is why this retractable phone charger is so handy. The retractable design of this phone charger makes it super easy to store away in my glove box or console without taking up a ton of space.

6. A Front Seat Organizer That Fills In The Small Gap Between The Driver’s Seat and The Console


Have you ever dropped something in the narrow gap on the side of your driver’s seat? It’s super annoying, right? I’m always accidentally dropping my pens and loose change in the gap beside the driver’s seat. It’s so annoying because the gap is too narrow for me to put my hand through it to grab the items that alas through it. But, this car seat gap storage fills the gap and it adds some storage space to the front console as well. It’s a win-win situation.

7. Car Organizer Hooks To Keep Your Purse Off The Floor


Whenever I make a sharp turn in my car, my purse goes toppling over and everything spills out. Don’t you hate when that happens? Luckily, I don’t have to sit my purse on the floor anymore because of this awesome purse hook. Just wrap the car hook around the metal headrest post and place the straps of your purse on the hooks. Easy to install and so useful!

8. A Glove Box Organizer


Is your glove box full of clutter? Is it hard to find your car insurance papers when you need them? You can keep your insurance papers and registration organized with this small file folder. It’s small and compact so it will fit perfectly in any size glove box.

9. A Car Trunk Organizer


The car trunk is one of the easiest places in any car that get cluttered FAST. This car trunk organizer will keep the trunk of your car super organized and neat. Plus, it helps you keep all of the grocery bags together when you place them in the trunk after grocery shopping.

10. A Car Seat Cover For When My Dog Is In The Backseat


When I’m taking my dog to the vet, her fur can get all over the backseat of my car. To stop this from happening, I lay this car seat protector over the backseat to keep it from getting covered in her fur.

11. A Car Bluetooth Transmitter For Cars That Don’t Have Bluetooth Connections


I have an older model car, so it doesn’t have Bluetooth capabilities like the newer cars. But this little Bluetooth adapter can connect to my phone and allow me to have hands free conversations and stream music from my phone while I’m in the car. This Bluetooth transmitter does a lot, so check out the full features of it here.

12. A Car Vacuum To Keep Your Car Clean


Does your car need a deep clean? You don’t want one of your friends or family members to get in your car and think, “Her car is so dirty!” Use a car vacuum to clean up all of the crumbs, dirt, and hair floating around your car. This handheld vacuum is tiny but it will pick up everything and get your car sparkling clean.

13. A Pop Socket Car Mount


If you have a smartphone, then you probably know what a pop socket is. And you know that most pop sockets don’t fit into regular car mounts. Whenever I want to mount my phone up on the dash I have to take my pop socket off which is a huge hassle. But that’s no longer a problem. This car mount is specifically designed to hold phones or phone cases that have pop sockets on them. This absolutely genius and a serious game changer!

14. A Car Window Shade To Block The Sun 


During the summer, the heat can get outrageously hot where I’m from. I’m talking high 90s to low 100s. Having the sun beam down on you while you’re driving can become uncomfortable fast.  When the heat becomes unbearable, I like to place these window shades on my car windows to block the sunlight. These window shades are great if you have a baby or small child that sits in the backseat.

15. A Car Diffuser To Make Your Car Smell Amazing


Do you want your car to smell like your favorite essential oils? Take your aromatherapy with you while you’re driving on the road. This mini diffuser will let out a continuous mist of your favorite essential oil. This diffuser is better than any car air freshener that I’ve tried.

16. Cleaning Gel To Clean Every Nook and Cranny In Your Car


Look for an easy way to clean the little crumbs stuck at the bottom of your cup holders in your car? Or do you need to clean out the dust particles in your car air vents? Better known as “cleaning putty” this cleaning gel can pick up crumbs and dust in hard to reach places in your car.

Make your car more comfortable to be in by trying some of these cool gadgets in your car. If you have any ideas, share them with me in the comments section below.


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