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10 Organizing & Decluttering Tips That Can Turn Your Home Around

by Ambriel

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Keeping your home organized isn’t the easiest thing to do, and when you finally get it neat, you want it to stay that way. Why else would you spend hours cleaning out dresser drawers and kitchen cabinets?

To keep your home organized, start using these tips to get your house and life in order.

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1. One In, One Out

Whenever you bring something new into the house, donate or sell an old item.

For example, when you buy a new blouse, donate an old blouse to the Goodwill or sell and old blouse on Poshmark.


2. Create a Donation Station

A donation station is a designated storage bin in your home that anyone in the family can put their old belongings in to be donated.

Got a pair of blue jeans that you can’t fit into anymore? Put them in the donation station.

Label a storage container and keep it someplace where your family can find it easily.

When the donation station container gets full, take it to the Goodwill.


3. Stop Creating Piles

Piles are just stacks of clutter that take up less space.

Piles of mail, receipts, and paperwork can make your countertop look cluttered and crowded.

If you want an organized home, sort through the piles, keep the things you need, and get rid of the rest.


4. Don’t Go Overboard with Storage Containers

Don’t get me wrong, storage containers are extremely helpful for organizing your home. But, don’t try to stuff all of your clutter away into containers.

This just hides clutter and doesn’t help you stay organized.


5. Don’t Be Afraid To Purge

People hang on to clutter because they think they will need it in the future.

Most of the things that they are holding on to get thrown in a closet and never used again.

Purging every room in your home is the best way to get rid of clutter for good.


6. Organize Something Every Day

Keeping your home organized is not a one-time task.

Once you get the clutter under control, you have to keep it under control by  developing the habit of organizing something every day.

One day you can organize the silverware in the kitchen drawer. The next day you can organize the cereal boxes in the pantry.

You don’t have to organize an entire room every day.

Just look for small things to straighten up.


7. Put a Label On It

Labels will help you identify where things need to go.

Putting labels on containers and cabinets will cut out a lot of clutter and confusion if you don’t know where an item belongs.

Find a good label marker and stickers to start labeling things in your home.


8. Use Double Duty Furniture

A storage ottoman is a good example of double duty furniture.

The storage space on the inside gives you room to store things away.


9. Utilize Vertical Storage Space

Floating shelves, wall-mounted baskets, and over-the-door shoe organizers are good organizing tools to use to utilize the vertical wall space in your room.

Storing items on the wall will keep things off the floor and the countertops.


10. Keep Your Everyday Essentials By the Door

There’s nothing worse than leaving the house and realizing you left something at home.

Set the items you need by the door so you can grab them when you’re headed out for work in the morning.


Staying organized and clutter free will be a whole lot easier to do when you purge your home for clutter, utilize vertical storage space, and let go of things you don’t use anymore.


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